We created 45 attention capturing bumpers for french broadcast company TF1. Working with Naked Compagnie, each 3D animated bumper was carefully designed and combined with visual effects to have its own unique world.


The Foundry

The Foundry:

Four seconds isn’t a lot of time at all, but it’s enough for Roof Studio to convey an incredible and eccentric sense of enthusiasm—one that proves infectious upon viewing. The Brooklyn, New York-based studio did so in its charming bumpers for TF1 France, providing the television network with little bursts of imaginative bliss to intersperse amidst between its programming and advertisements.

Despite the brief runtime of the individual animated videos, the project was quite sizable overall, with Roof and collaborator Naked Compagnie tasked with creating 45 such bumpers—each different than the last. This proved an ambitious goal for the still-new studio, which was founded at the start of 2013 by a trio of seasoned creative professionals.





Directors / Creative Directors

ROOF Studio and NAKED Compagnie

Executive Producer

NAKED Compagnie

Executive Producer

Crystal Campbell

Creative Directors

Vinicius Costa and Guto Terni


Vinicius Costa, Guto Terni, Fred Palacio, João Lavieri, Pedro Kobuti, Sunmin Inn


Rayza Alvarez, Lincoln Horita, Thiago Batista, Lucas Ribeiro, Fabio Paiva, Vinicius Valente, Ramon Lima, Alex Liki, Pedro Kobuti, Vinicius Costa


Viviane Adade, Diego Marcel, Leandro Spaletta, Pedro Kobuti, Mike James, Felipe Machado


Felipe Machado, Jason Tadeu, Lucas Ribeiro, Drika Ooki, Fernando Herrera, Pedro Kobuti, Abner Cirelli, Aulo Licinio, Daniel Sian, Henrique Edmx, Gabriel Prezoto, Fernando Donizetti

Render and Texturing

Pedro Kobuti, Tiago Dias, Shane O’Hara, Daniel Sian, Sergio Dimi Rocha, Vinicius Costa, Guto Terni, Vinicius Valente, Josemar Queiroz , Ricardo Riamonde


Pedro Kobuti, Tiago Dias, Shane O’Hara, Daniel Sian, Sergio Dimi Rocha, Vinicius Costa, Guto Terni, Felipe Machado

Executive Producer

Philippe Fournerie

Senior 3D Artist

Corentin Seguin de Broin – Jonathan Roméo

Senior Art Director

Benoît Bayart

Junior Art director

Seydou Koné


Laura Saintecatherine / Pedro Carvalho Gomes