We are an innovative creative studio providing a full range of services for commercials and broadcast media including Animation, Live-Action, Motion Graphics, Print, Illustration, Stop Motion, and VFX.  We take pride in creating high end work rich with detail, with a unique sense of design.

Our name is a reflection of our belief that the collaborative process between artist, agencies and clients is just as important as the final result. With all of these creative minds under one ROOF, this collaboration can facilitate the conception and production of distinct works of art.

Conceived by three creative partners who, at the peak of their careers, questioned if there could be life after render.

They concluded it was necessary to start a new flavor of studio and have brought their individual passions together to create vibrant, meaningful pieces for clients and viewers alike.

Design can be applied to anything, and we are passionate about creating colorful, whimsical, unforgettable work.  Whether we are using special effects and CG integration to enhance live action footage, or breathing life into 3D animated characters and their worlds, there is no creative challenge Roof Studio can not meet.  All of our projects are curated to our clients needs giving each production a unique feel, helping brands connect with their audiences in new and innovative ways in an ever crowded (and ever evolving) market place.

Animation Studio NYC Roof